So, it's been 9 years...

So it's been 9 years, and Friday my Mammogram/Ultrasound is coming up. 

But so much has been going my father has been diagnosed with Melanoma on his Scalp...he had it removed, but then more showed up...the PET Scan showed negative, except they can't take an MRI of his brain due to his Pacemaker. He was awake for the surgery, and they wrapped his head to look like an ice cream cone, or a white smurf. He did not like the "hat". He kept trying to take it off. He is 79, but still the "Kid in the Candy Store". Love him to pieces. 

We are about to move in to our new house, next door to them...Right now he is on OPDIVO, every two weeks. Not sure if they will give him radiation as well...that has yet to be determined. They want to see if the OPDIVO works...

I am crossing my fingers for him. He is never in pain, never complains, only of his back. 

He does have Dementia and Parkinson's Disease but he is so happy. I'm not quite sure he knows what's going on our how fast growing this is our day at the Dermatologist...he has another spot on his chest, which showed up after the surgery....their is also many more on his scalp that suddenly appeared. 

I am sure another biopsy is going to be taken today. 

Will keep you all posted. Much Love. 


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